KW 1.1 How is higher education related to Democracy?

I think the purpose of higher education is to specialize your knowledge, retouch on key points in personal knowledge so you can contribute to society later and to teach people about society. I decided to go to college to pursue my career choice which requires higher education and so I can make a good amount of money and live well while still being able to contribute and payback my debts. I also think higher education is a stepping stone into our culture and society. I do think that higher education will help me become a better citizen because like I stated before I will be able to contribute to society and my career choice is a nurse or doctor, so I’d be contributing in more than one way. In a way my first part of this response  (my response to question 1) does relate to the “president’s declaration on the civic responsibility of higher education” because they both have the basic idea of contributing to and understanding society. I think an educated public is necessary for a properly functioning and strong democracy because without educated citizens to make educated votes, decisions, and proposals we wouldn’t know what we were voting for or supporting. Also education plays a large role in voting because there are studies that show that people with higher education are more likely to vote which means more voters and more representation for the people. I believe that higher education mostly in the form of 2-year education more so is attainable because despite the information in exercise 1.4 there are other factors that play in the roll of obtaining higher education. There are many examples in which people obtain higher education by means of lower fees at 2-years, financial aid, working, loans, or even military in some cases. Although between 2001/02 – 2011/12 fees have increased by 26% – 56% and financial assistance has gone down by 23% other things have to be considered like raise in pay wages, more financial aid programs, and more opportunities. I think higher education could be more obtainable by cutting down on unnecessary costs and focusing on the students and making the process less of a hassle. Most people I think don’t obtain higher education because they don’t know how or feel like they can’t cut it or afford it and these are all easily solved by making the process of enrollment and attendance easier. I think the way we are moving into a more technical schooling is a good idea because it customers costs as well as making access and time management easier. Higher education is very important especially in today’s society and needs to be accessible by all American’s.


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