How sociology relates

A lot of times we talk about society and what we see is right and wrong in it and within it. But a lot of times we don’t think about its relation to us or other things we may be learning or experiencing or even its relation to us, and this is where sociology comes into play. Being that I am a college student I have to learn many science classes like sociology, biology, psychology, or even human development. As we talked about in sociology class and in the book “Down to Earth Sociology” by James M. Henslin there are many other subjects that coincide with sociology. Sociology intertwines with economics, cultural anthropology, psychology, political science, history, and I think it even has some overlap with things like human development and other sciences. Whether we know it or not sociology (or society) has had a role in our development, how or what we learn in history, our psychology, and in other things and ways. Sociology is similar to all these but what makes them all different are their focuses of study.


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