KW 2.3 Are you a worker or an owner?

Karl Marx has an idea of workers and owners who see things a little differently, those who fell under false consciousness (the workers) and those who created the ideas of society (the owners). In the literal sense I would say I was raised by workers, and in Marx’s ideas I would say I was raised by owners. Although my parents nor I have control over production we do have control over the means of personal mental production. Now, although I may not be a part of the “dominant class,” exploit the other class, or even own the means for production of ideas in society I do not fall under “false consciousness.” In a way I could argue that I was raised by workers who are already at the idea or stage of “class consciousness.” I believe this because I am not either one way I see myself as being somewhere in the middle. Although at times I may follow society I am not doing so “blindly” as workers might and yet I do not control or have much influence on society. I do believe that most workers in today’s society have or are starting to adopt a “class consciousness”. Although we may not be at the stage of overthrowing the ownership society we are working towards it by first adopting that thinking or consciousness. If most people were asked now days they would tell you or know that the production system or most systems we have are corrupt and are controlled by the owners. In the future I want to live a good life, maybe not to the extent of the “owners” but up there somewhere in between, but then again who doesn’t want to live up there in society or even on the level of the owners? Although developing a class consciousness would make owners obsolete and most people’s dream lives diminish I would help others overcome their false consciousness. I would do this because it was done for me and we are already moving in that direction. People should be independent minded and have a right to know about the corruption or control of others. We can not control other people everyone is different and people don’t like being suppressed and will eventually figure it out and possibly revolt on their own . How to help people overcome false consciousness may be different. As far as how I’m not sure, I would say more and better education and lessons like this one could be a big part in helping people overcome that. Another thing to do would be to teach the younger generation before they come to the point in their lives where they will either become a worker or an owner. I think everything starts with and can be changed through education.


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