Labor Day

Seeing as how we are coming up to a long weekend (labor day weekend) I thought it be suiting to talk about what we had discussed in my sociology class today about Labor Day. As a little background we read and talked about Karl Marx ideas of workers and owners and how they (mostly the owners) effect social thinking and our lives. We figured out that owners “run everything” and the workers “follow,” in essence. Also something that many people may not know and that I didn’t even know about until today is international workers day. Up until somewhat recently, here in the U.S., we have celebrated international workers day like most every other country. Well something has changed. Now, instead we celebrate Labor day which in essence was suppose to hold the same meaning of international workers day and pay recognition to all that the working nation has contributed. But now Labor day has just turned into a day off of work and a day to drink and have fun. Well as we discussed in class alcohol has turned into a drug of productivity by allowing people to sit down have  a few drinks and blow off some steam from the work day/week before. Labor day instead of celebrating the contributions of workers or being a day to discuss how to better the work place or situations it is now just a day to blow off some steam so we can go back to work the next day and be more productive. If we were to really stop and think about all the things like labor day that we get, one could argue that we just get many of these things so we can be more productive workers for corporate America. As Marx may say or think, we are the workers and corporate America and large corporations are the owners and they give us holidays like Labor day so we will be more productive and continue to follow them.


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