Perspectives on society

From the open stax reading we have learned a more in depth touch on Karl Marx theory of workers and owners as well as conflict. In cohesion with this we also learned about Émile Durkheim’s idea of solidarity and Max Weber’s ideas about social separation. The one thing I’d like to talk about in Durkheim’s ideas is the social norms we have or put in place. As he says, “A crime is a crime because we condemn it,” and I believe this to be true because the only reason anything is the way it is, is because we make it that way. In other words, the only reason why we have bad and good and everything in between is because we make things bad and good. His ideas also tie into Karl Marx’s ideas but what I’d like to talk about from Marx’s ideas is his ideas on alienation. He discusses peoples’ alienation from the products of their labor, the processes of their labor, from others, and from themselves. I find this to be true because as the workers “fall prey” to the ideas of the owners they tend to become isolated from all of these things and eventually from satisfaction or they fall into a cycle of false consciousness. As Karl Marx mentions there is a separation between the workers and the owners and these ideas are touched on more in depth by Max Weber who mentions that there are many things that separate the workers (laborers) and owners. These differences he noted to be class, status, and power. Like most Max had the general idea that  industrialization would have a negative effect on our society and I would say that I believe their predictions or observations to be true today. Durkheim’s ideas I believe to be especially true because as an example the only reason we make laws is because we see things we don’t like, or think are okay and we then make laws according to our views (or a certain amount of people’s ideas and views). The more we move into industrialization it seems like the more conflicts we have as a society, and although they may be attributed to other things I believe that those are just cover ups for the truth or because we may not be sure why we have such conflicts.


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