Is unequal pay just?

For many years there has been an ongoing argument about women’s pay being equal to men’s pay. Most everyone would say that women being payed less then men is not just and should not happen, but how are we looking at the research and numbers? If you look at men’s yearly earnings compared to women’s yearly earnings you have to take into consideration vacation or sick days or just time taken off in general. Whether we like it or not everyone gets sick every now and then and have to take time off. But on top of that women have these things that we all hate called menstrual cycles and many women take a few days off here and there on top of sicknesses for these means. There fore now women have worked less then the average man but not to mention too if you look at this in a general spectrum many women get pregnant too which requires women to take time off too, again putting a dent in women’s pay compared to men’s. On the other hand one could argue that looking at it on a smaller scale that women make $.75 on every $1.00 that men make (or whatever it is). Well have we ever stopped to think that this is so because maybe women do get more time and days off and are often given more slack in the work place than many men are given. We also do not know that this is because we are simply women, which is what it is often attributed to, but we don’t know that this is the reasoning behind it. Let me give you an example, If a man and a woman were told to unload 2 trucks full of bricks one truck for each worker. The man can carry 5 bricks at a time and get his truck unloaded in an hour where as the woman can only carry 2 bricks at a time and takes 3 hours to unload and the man has already completed other jobs is it fair to pay him less for his extra work? This could also be flipped and has nothing to do with prejudiced. Maybe on a lower scale of by the dollar pay women are getting payed more and maybe it isn’t right but we must think before we banter about things like this because things are not always as they appear. Maybe there is a higher reason as to why woman may or may not be payed less but we just don’t know. Either way I am not saying I agree or disagree with unequal pay but what I do agree with is pay for your work, everyone should be payed for their work regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, etc.


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