Social thick description

Studying the culture around me one thing that I found interesting in society was that the people like to perform many different rituals. One of these rituals I found interesting was one that many have previously taken part in or still do take part in. This ritual is for some a choice, for others a requirement, and there are some that have previously but no longer partake in this ritual. For many it is a every day thing and for others only a few days. For most who take part in this ritual, they must prepare themselves for the day and then arrive at a special place or temple. This typically happens in the morning but can happen all throughout the day. Once at the temple they must locate the exact location of their ritual happenings as there are many types of specific rituals that take place at this one temple. But first, in order to attend the rituals a large gift must be given to the temple owners and the ritual talkers. Once things are settled in the aspect of ability to attended rituals and finding their location the partakers then sit or stand in their specified temple. Mesmerized by the teachings of the ritual talkers they sit in silence often with specially made tree slices, scratching markings into them. Occasionally a partaker will put a hand over their head and once acknowledged they will have a verbal exchange with the ritual talker. Each ritual lasts for a different amount of time but once the ritual talker is done everyone may gather their scratchings and leave the temple until the next ritual. Occasionally partakers will have to obtain very special tree slices in which they put dark markings on and give to the ritual talker who will put numbers on them and give them back to the partakers.

This ritual that many have or still do partake in is schooling. Most people have done some kind of schooling in their lives and many would describe school (especially college) as being like this. A large gift (money) must be given to attend rituals (classes) where partakers (students) sit with special tree slices (papers) scratching markings into them (taking notes) as ritual talkers (teachers, professors) lecture. The rituals (classes) are all different lengths and start at different time and in many students must take tests (very special tree slices which they put dark markings on and hand in). School is something that many people partake in and for good reasons, it is a very complex system and can be described in many different ways but this is just a broad, thick description of the college experience I have partaken in and observed.


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