Recently in my sociology class we did a little class experiment and talked about authority, its limits, and the role it plays in today’s society and many of our lives. In class we basically played a game of Simon says where our teacher was “Simon” and the rest of the class followed his instructions. When we began I knew where this experiment was going but to part in it anyways because why not and because the teacher said so. In this instance our professor has some authority over me and the rest of the class. As we partook in the game of Simon says everyone did as instructed but once we got back into our class room the teacher instructed everyone to give him all their money and credit cards in the same manner that we had played Simon says but no one did so. This showed the limitations to which his authority has over us.

There are many things in today’s society which would fall along these guild lines too; they have authority over us but only to a certain extent. For instance many of people have jobs and a boss that works above them and thus have some type of authority over them, but in the same time if someones boss asked them to do something totally out of their job description, out of your morals, etc. most wouldn’t do it even with the associated risk of being fired. This is just one instance where this can be seen, there are many others like parents, police, political figures, etc. Whether we realize it or not authority can be seen in many places and effects many of us.


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