Extra KW 6.1 Nonverbal Sanctions

For this exercise I was told to observe some form of a negative Nonverbal sanction. This is very common nowadays and can be observed I think most on the road. The situation that I observed happened to be in a parking lot. 

     1) In the situation I observed the norm that was broken was not taking a parking spot someone else had been waiting for. What happened was a person was waiting for someone to back out of a parking spot when someone else came in and “stole” it. After this person (the norm violator) took the spot, the person who had been waiting flipped them off. 

     2) the norm violator reacted sarcastically surprised and then angry by the persons negative sanction.

     3) I was surprised by the norm violators initial reaction because it is not only an unspoken rule of a norm but it is also very rude. So when the person who had been waiting reacted with a middle finger I was not surprised by their reaction. I think part of the reason I wasn’t surprised by the middle finger is also in part because it is one of the most used and most common unspoken negative sanction. 

     4) I think I was surprised by the norm violators reactions and not by the other persons because I would never “steal” someone else’s spot like that and because I’m sure if someone did that to me I would react in the same way as the other person. My socialization process influenced my reaction because through it I have learned that what the norm violator did was not okay in our society and that what the other person did is a common reaction for events like this. I have adopted the norm that if someone has been waiting for something you do not take what they have been waiting for instead you wait for your own. 


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