KW 6.2 Breaching Folkways

This week the assignment was to conduct my own Breaching experiment by talking to people and when they ask how I was doing I was to respond with a detailed, several minute response about how I was actually doing instead of just saying good. To carry out this experiment I thought it would be interesting to do this with two people whom I know and are close to me and two other who were not close to me or just acquaintances. To make this easier lest call the two people close to me person 1 and person 2 and the others who aren’t as close to me person 3 and person 4.

     A) when I conducted this experiment with person 1 and person 2 (the two people who I have close relations with) seemed a little surprised. Person 1 seemed surprised once I went past the point of just simply saying I was good but they stayed silent and continued to listen as I talked. Once done they didn’t say anything about my thorough explanation, but instead tried to act like it was normal. Person 2 had somewhat of a similar reaction, they seemed surprised that I was so open and didn’t simply say “good” like everyone usually does. Person 2 also stayed silent while I continued to talk but their facial expressions seemed a bit irritated that I went on, almost as if to say that a “good” would have sufficed. Persons 3 and 4 were not so understanding. When thoroughly explaining how I am to person 3 they seemed very caught off guard when I went further than just good. They were not as patient and seemed irritated, more so than person 2. This conversation ended fairly quick afterwards and they looked at me like I was weird. Person 4 even went as far as to say that a good would have sufficed. When I began to explain how I was they looked at me strangely and acted like they were uncomfortable and had to go do something. 

     B) carying out this experiment the felt different with different people. With the first person I almost had a hard time keeping a straight face because of the fact that I knew what I was doing and they didn’t. With both person 1 and 2 I felt more comfortable conducting this experiment. With person 3 and 4, who I’m not as close with, I felt a little different. I felt again like this experiment was sort of funny but it was a little harder to do this experiment with people I wasn’t as close to. Once I started the conversation with person 3 and 4 I felt a little wierd. 

     C) I think that considering my relationship with person 1 and 2 (having close relations with them) that their reactions and mine were less than with those I’m not close with. I do not think that this changed my relationship with person 1 or 2 but possibly did with person 3 and 4 because of the way they viewed me, as weird, when doing this. I think that there was less of a reaction out of those I was close with and more of a reaction out of those I’m not as close with. 

     D) I have always known that when someone asks how you are that it’s a norm to just give a one word answer or a quick and little sentence, so I knew breaking this would constitute some kind of a reaction. What I learned is that norms of communication in our society are usually short. I think that because people are not used to, and most may not be uncomfortable around new people that the norms for interacting are to keep things “short and sweet.” 


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