KW 8.8 Your Family and Issues of Race

1.     From a young age my parents have been split one living in the city and the other living in the country. Having lived in both I’ve always noticed a big difference in race; in the city I was friends with mostly non-whites, and in the country there was hardly any other race but white. From neither of my parents or parental figures have I heard much about racial issues. My father never really seemed to care about race only personality and my mother was serverly I’ll so she never got to be with me much and because of this is never heard anything about race from her growing up. Racial issues were never really discussed in my family. If it was it was never brought up in a serious discussion just in play or as a descriptive factor to identify someone. It wasn’t until my late teens that my family really ever mentioned or joked about race. It never seemed important to my family only sometimes comical, and never in a derogatory way. I don’t believe that the discussion of race was a thing of color blindness in the sense that they don’t care about racial issues or they just swept it under the rug but that they were colorblind in the sense that they don’t care about race only who you were. I was never discouraged from asking or talking about racial issues instead we just never did because race was not an important factor to us. 

2.     My family is predominantly white with some racial mix like some Native American and Syrian and a few others. I do not think that my racial make up has any influence on how me or my family discuss race or racial problems. If or when we discuss race we discuss them with equality, meaning we speak of every race in a similar tone including those that make up or family. 

3.     I think there are many more things in my life that make me feel the way I do about race other than those discussed in the questions or in the book. I think that the book has some interesting information but in all I feel that it does not apply much to me and my experiences with race. I’m a very easy going person and as I mentioned before do not really care about race but only who you are as a person dispute your skin color or other “racial features.” I think that because of this the book had little impact on my views on race, immigration, and racism. Although I do feel this way I think that the information giving on immigration was surprising to me because I didn’t know how it fluctuated and how it has dropped in some areas or ethnicities. Also besides the fact that I feel this way I don’t think I fully understand racism and I think this is because I do not like nor agree with racism seeing as how it is unnecessary and in my view “stupid.” I feel that regardless of race if you are a good person I will be cordial to you and like and if you aren’t I will not be as kind and I feel that it is about what kind of personality you have not the color of your skin or the race you’re identified as. 


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