Showing my color & the racial mind (Henslin 360- 376)

It is known that race and segregation have always been issues in our society. There are many things which I found interesting in the chapter “showing my color.” For instance I thought the part where they said that they almost lost their color was interesting. This is because I’ve actually heard this from people before. As the book says this is meaningful that they almost lost their cool. I have heard many things like this from both colored people and non colored people alike. 

I personally have never experienced racial segregation myself and I would say I’m handful for that despite the AC tat I am not colored. I feel that as time goes on we see and hear less about racial segregation, but some racial issues persist. I think that as of today we mostly all have the opportunity to start out the same and have similar chances. Yes, some may seem to be a little better off then others but really we have come pretty far and pretty close to equality of opportunity. Although I say this I do not ever believe that we can completely reach equality (equality of opportunity) or equity (equality of outcome). But I do think that most people of color have us to as good a chance of some people not of color. I fell that all you have to dgo to eat successful regardless of race, color, or sex is that you just have to be willing to really work for it. 

also as the book says, mmay people like to think of America as a melting pot and I agree with the book that it is not a melting pot. As we talked about in class I think that the salad bowl view of race is more like what we have here in America. Everyone is of different race and ethnicity, color, age, sex, etc. and yet we all comingle but if we are “taken out of the salad” we are still individually different. 

In the chapter “the racist mind” it starts off saying that colored and noncolored people experience everything differently in our day of day lives. I do and also do not agree with this. I agree with this because there are certain things I believe that are eexperienced differently but everyone experiences things differently. I do not agree with tthis because I think we have created a time where most people are color blind in the sense that they do not care about your race or color only who you are as a person. 

The chapter mentions a group which chants a song of sorts and it is mentioned that in it they often use the “N-word” I found this interesting because often times this word is seen and used negatively. This is the only name or order we seem to hear about that has a negative connotation. this is not true, there are many names for many races and colors and they can all be but they are only hurtful or meaningful if you make them. I have been all education many derogatory names used for white people but I am never offered by them because they are just stupid words and they mean nothing to me. 

The chapter also mentions that the racial movement sometimes gives some a temporary sense of meaning. This can easily true for many and for any race. But mostly what we hear about is the oppression and fight for minority races, but realistically all races struggle with mostly all similar things. the book says that “people will find some way to make their lives meaningful, and if nothing richer is the hand, racism (or religious fanaticism or nationalism or gang membership) will do” and this applies to every race. 


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