How I’ve been socialized into my gender 

Being that I am a female one would think that I was socialized into the gender roles of being soft, nurturing, small, emotional or other overly emotional, caring, complacent, less intelligent, nice, and pretty. the reality is that up until my late high school years and recently I have been what man would consider “manly” or “tomboy-ish.” 

As a young girl I never wore or painted my room the typical little girl colors like pink and people. Even as a baby my parents dressed me in little dresses but not of a certain “gender defining color.” Also this didn’t mean much to me I always hated wearing dresses until I was older. Then through out my childhood I have lived in the country so many of the things I did or the way I acted was not seen as manly nor feminine they were just things you ad to do if you wanted to love the life we live in a rural area. Sure I had some dolls as a kid but I’d much rather be playing outside in the dirt with my dad or brothers or neighbors kids. The only thing I did as a young child that would be seen as feminine was that my mom would take me to go get my nails done with her every once in a while. 

Because of all these things many would think that I could later be confused about my gender but I always knew when to be a lady and when I could get away with playing outside with other boys in the dirt or do “a man’s work” along side my father. As I moved into junior high and high school I started dressing more appropriately for my gender and attending school dances. This is when I realized I liked dressing nice and being more feminine. To this day I most commonly fulfill the roles of a woman but I still enjoy doing some things that wouldn’t be seen as feminine. The difference is that I know better now when and where I should act or be more or less feminine. 


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