KW 11.4 School sports and prayers

Being the easy going person I am, I am open to and okay with others openly practicing their beliefs and in certain cases their religion (as long as they are respectful about it and respectful to those who do or do not believe in the same things or religious practices). With this said I also think that in the sense of fairness for everyone and every religion that I do agree to not allow religious practice in a public setting where not everyone can consent. If it is desired to be practiced publicly a group, club, church, etc. can be created to fulfill this, otherwise it should be mostly private out of respect for others. This I feel is the only way to make things fair. 

By doing these prayers I think that what they may be doing is trying to bring their religious meanings and intentions to a social level and try to construct maybe social unity of their religious realities. I think to many students the symbols really all mean different things but in a different stand point for those partaking in and agreeing with the prayer it could mean good luck, recognition of their religious realities, or even endorsement for their religion. What this implies about the appropriateness of prayer at public football games is that because it is so public and that or is not protected speech and thus it is not okay in this instance. 

On this issue a conflict theorist may say that the courts decision was deviant. they may think this because of the religion is accepted and is happening by the masses that it is the norm and that those who are practicing these norms are the elites and the court is deviant for not protecting this.


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